Monday, February 15, 2010

phrockblog1 "new adress"


OldrockerBR said...

Thanks a lot Zille71 for add my new address in your Bloglist.

incredibili_dictu said...

Hi Zille.
I allow myself to ask you such a question 'cause you seems to be always well informed about music blogs world, and of a constant great help for new-old blogs.
I discovered today that the forum "IT'S PSYCH" became unreachable. Do you maybe have any info about Jon and Co.?
Thanks if you may help.

incredibili_dictu said...

sorry, it's where it used to be.
I was clicking on an older bookmark.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Alane said...

Chris Goes Rock new adress:

buck said...

This is a great blog--thanks! I'm searching for the new locations of two favorites that have recently vanished: voo7177 and BeeQ. Any idea if they have returned?

Many thanks.

olegelagin said...

Hi, sorry for spam.

Oldish Psych & Prog forcibly moved here


ungenannter said...

Phrockblog is down again.
Would be nice to read the new address here again.

Fred Benning said...

Woodstock novo endereço.


Alane said...

Chris Goes Rock re re re.. new adress:

OldrockerBR said...

PHROCK Blog recreated at

edgarock said...

Hi fellas, Chris Goes Rock was erased again. The link is broken:
If anybody have the new address, share it with us. Thank you!