Saturday, March 14, 2009



Zepp Head said...

Man, i'm really freakin' out because i've found the kaptainkoptersspirit and sanfranciscowestcoastmusic some weeks ago, and have downloaded some boots, but i can't find this blogs again.I know that i need an invitation to enter cookingdown, so if you could send me the invitation i would be very grateful.This blogs are by far the best in rare psychedelic and late 60's bootlegs on the web.Thanks a lot.


Song And Dance Man said...

Okay, I'd like to back up what Zepp Head said.
I only found the blogs sanfranciscowestcoastmusic and cookingdown a couple of days ago.
I couldn't believe my eyes at the amount of stuff posted there (especially re : Quicksilver Messenger Service and Velvet Undergound respectively).
So imagine how disappointed I was today to find the blogs have gone !
I'd really appreciate a tip-off if these great blogs ever get going again.

Song And Dance Man

tony said...

Hi, i am a big fan of west coast music, i found the sanfranciscowestcoastmusic site some weeks ago, and i am really disappointed i have not been able to get on the site so could you please send me an invitation, Thanks Wendy

zille71 said...

You can find in google some DL links, search the blog name and enter the cache of this page , the DL links are still available, I find nothing in feed show and music ratty.
Any informations for an invitationor an contact to him are welcome !!!

Cheers and good luck
zille71 aka Linkthebutler

uros said...

zille 71, i am analfabet about this, so, can you be so kind and write down the link that will bring me to the right places for links.

yahwehfrk said...

As of today 03-28-2009 the West Coast Music Blog no longer exists. I had it bookmarked but it no longer comes up. Sad to say another good blog bites the dust.

Bob Haldeman

zille71 said...

@ uros

tony said...

Hi, can someone please point me in the right direction through "sanfranciscowestcoastmusic":
google cache Perro pt1, i was down to the last disc when it was removed. Thanks Wendy

leesa said...

I'm in the same fix as the other posters here. i had just got all f the Monterey stuff from "sanfranciscowestcoastmusic" and bingo... all gone.

I'm not all that aware of the net etiquette and such, but if anyone has any info to these being started up with another handle... well, I'd sure appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

from Google cache

David Crosby, The Perro Sessions - Part Six
Wally Heider Recording Studio, San Francisco, California
November 1970 - January 1971


Disc One
Disc Two

Anonymous said...

David Crosby, The Perro Sessions - parts 1 -4 here

mmm said...

Any chance someone could re-upp Part 6 of the Perro sessions only one of the 4 rar files is active, i would really love to hear this!!! many thanks.